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SONY DSCThere are hundreds of different factors that can cause cracks in the foundation of your home, settling, age, concrete shrinking, or maybe the soil around your foundation is exceedingly dry.

However some kinds of cracks are more important than others, if they involve poor construction techniques, improper mixing of the cement, or major earth movement of the surrounding area, these causes could open up large cracks allowing water to enter and fill up your basement or crawl space.

Worse than that, it’s possible for too much settlement to affect the wooden structure of your home and cause doors not to fit their frames, or windows to be difficult to open and close. Let’s go over some different kinds of cracks that you might experience and give you some information on home foundation repair. Cracks in the foundation can come in a variety of different sizes and shapes, they can be horizontal or vertical, and as small as a hairline fracture.

Whatever the exact cause, each crack should be evaluated on its own merits and most likely repaired by professional foundation contractor. So, if you have noticed cracks in your foundation, even if you’ve had some experience of mixing concrete, sometimes it’s best to have a professional come by and evaluate the importance of the actual repair. To be more precise, some repairs are merely cosmetic cement repairs, while other repairs are true foundation repairs meant to restore the structure, original height and location of the foundation.

These are determinations that only a professional foundation repair contractor would be able to determine. Another factor that needs to weigh in on whether or not you call a professional, is if there is water leaking into your basement area causing mold, mildew, and flooding. It’s quite possible for these cracks to have no relation to the structure of the home above, but the fact that water is leaking makes them an important repair to have done. There are also quite a few different problems that can be related to the water that need to be inspected.

It’s possible, for example, to have a plugged downspout from your gutter causing huge amounts of storm water to wash the supporting soil away from the foundation and then undermining your basement which could be a dangerous situation. In these types of cases, a home foundation repair specialist will need to be called immediately before some kind of catastrophe occurs.

If it is determined that all of the foundation cracks are cosmetic, it’s highly possible for the average do-it-yourselfer to repair them on their own. Down at the local home improvement store there are variety of fairly inexpensive concrete patching materials that only need to be mixed with water and put on artistically with a spatula, then painted over.

These types of small hairline fractures, and inconsequential cracks, are surprisingly easy to fix in just a few hours time. However, if it at sometime in the future the same fractures reopen, that’s a good indication that you have a larger problem looming on the horizon.

When you experience a few cracks in your home foundation, there’s no reason to panic. But it is a good time to grab a flashlight and walk around the perimeter of the house, both inside and out ,and take note of every crack that you find. Then, if it seems like the cracks are a little too large, or expanding, a quick call to a foundation professional is definitely in order.

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